Sunday, October 25, 2009

Up the Hudson

The Commodore and I went up the river today. It was the penultimate voyage for the season (the boat's being bought ashore on Wednesday) and it turned out to be glorious, utterly glorious, much to the chagrin, no doubt, of the three who decided not to join us. The weather was mild. The trees were turning. The Palisades were magnificent. I soaked my feet for the second day in a row.

Here in the Tappen Zee, the sail boats ruled. My feet were soused on Saturday in the rainstorm, and today, in the Zee, when I had to answer the call of nature, off the stern, on the swim deck -- which is a strange experience, the Metro North plowing south over there, the sailboats over here, the great bowl of sky above -- and the water was a little choppier than it should have been.

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