Friday, October 30, 2009

Inimitable City

Just north of Seventh Avenue South and Carmine St. in the Inner Borough, the Woolworth Building can been seen lined up in the middle of the avenue. The other day, in the rain, the fog clouds were low, hiding the larger buildings behind the neo-Gothic tower, making it stand alone amid the soft white gray. Beautiful.

On the C train. PA chatter between the conductor and the driver at Canal Street:

“Let’s go, man.”
“Waiting on the express."
“We’re already late."
“It’s all about customer service."
(pause) "You’re a better man than I am.”

A little later, at 42nd, the conductor noted the usual connections and concluded, “Eight years is enough. Message!”

Sign in doorway of Union St. rowhouse: “Please do NOT take our pumpkins! Thanks.”

Couple of intimates of the criminal justice system at the 4th Ave R station, talking about someone else. “He got two class B felonies and an A misdemeanor.” But it sounds to me like he failed.

There was a guineafowl scratching around in a community garden on the corner of Wycoff and Bond on Wednesday evening. Nearby, a cat sat inside an overturned plastic bin. They seemed to be observing a detente.

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