Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday was a long day, part 2

Guest macro-photography by Nate, who was our skipper for the goings-on in the Atlantic Basin, just down Pioneer St from the ice House. On the Buttermilk Channel, the Basin doesn’t seem to get much action and is usually off-limits to the rest of us, which is a pity since it would make an awesome marina. That scow the Queen Mary II monopolizes the nearby facilities, which is a pity since it's such a butt-ugly boat. However, last night, that floating motel was away, and a dozen beautiful Dutch boats, shipped over for Hudson 400, were tied up. Some were from the late 19th century and all of them made me want a canal or a nice little Zee to sail on. The Tugster has more details and pictures. Docked near these lemsteraaks was the Peacemaker, a wooden tall ship that turned out to be much younger than I first thought. It was made of Brazilian wood, hence no doubt the lusciousness of it; a Brazilian robber baron had it built in 1989, but it's now part of some non-Semetic cult called the The Twelve Tribes: the Commonwealth of Israel, whose "young men" went out and worked to pay for its purchase when the moneybag grew bored of it. (I read this later in their flyer, so I wasn't around to find out if they let their young women out to work.)
But back to nocturnal and watery delights. This wonderful guy, evidently also shipped over for the Hudson festivities, was swirling around in the dark water with his organ and horns, playing Pucchini and other ditties to the great enjoyment of the largely Dutch crowd. Let's hear it for the Dutch!
The starboard hull of his delightful craft. Not for the "pure and upright" children they want to make on the Good Ship Lollipop Peacekeeper, but for the rest of us sinners, meow!

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will said...

meow meow . . . i agree with your last paragraph. i loved reinier's circular performance!!