Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Hot peppers from West 85th Street, Inner Borough.

Last Friday night’s Cricket Crawl was rain-delayed to Saturday. We had other plans for that night, so we missed the count this year. However, a crack team of would-be cricketers was fed by yours’ truly as originally planned. We started off with a St. Germain cocktail, then piled our plates with risotto, green ratatouille, and pork loin chops, sliced and dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Somewhere through the feed, Traci proclaimed “This is my favorite restaurant in New York.” I am still blushing, but it got me thinking. Thinking only reinforced by Saturday night’s Sharecropper get-together, where OHS and I met a family that hosted a garden of hot peppers, some of which are picture above. A share dinner project….

You know about those quasi-secret dining establishments, eat-easies, where you break the law a little by paying somebody for dinner in their home? I just don’t have a large enough place for that, and I’m not into the money thing. In fact, for sitting at the table, there’s only four seats. Two of those are taken by me and my sweetheart, but what about those other two spots? Hmm….

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