Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Recycle and resist

I’m wearing my $5 Hospital Thrift Shop shirt while reading this piece on the resolutely un-green fashion-industrial complex. The cotton doused in pesticides; the petrochemical fibers; the carbon-burning transportation; the toxic processing of raw materials; the miserable conditions in the sweatshops. Like the industrial food system, the clothing industry hides the real cost of these products, as do the pretty faces and T&A in front of the cameras.

Unfortunately, the rest of the same issue of L Magazine is full of the usual self-styled style-Gestapos telling you what to wear if you want to be considered a human being this fall. But then, flacks have always been complicit in the criminal enterprise that is the empire of fashion.

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Beth said...

I guess I've been an eco-fashionista since my teenage years (when I started thrift-shop shopping), and didn't even know it.