Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pickles, Take 2

Three day pickles, a la Bittman. Salt, sugar, vinegar, picking spice, and, off the reservation of the recipe, a hot chili pepper from the Sharecropper project for some color.
Looking like some specimens in a mad scientist's lab. The workshop of filthy creation, Mary Shelley called it. I call it my kitchen. Which brings me to...

Piccalilli. It's fun just saying it, isn't it? This sweet & sour vegtable mash-up of a relish has long been a favorite of my father’s. There are many variations, depending on your veggies. I made some today by julienning two onions, one sweet pepper, two smallish eggplants, and a zucchini (CSA deliveries are piling up these days); for zip, some garlic, two small hot peppers, some salt, pepper, mustard seed, & celery seed. I cooked this down and then added a cup of vinegar and 3/4ths cup sugar, letting it all simmer until it was thick and gooey. Yowie, is it good! Hot, sour, sweet, just the thing to fortify me for Inwood in the dark.

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