Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Democracy now, or later, or whenever

Dragged myself off to the polls with little inspiration. I might have been voter number 43 at 4pm at the 96th ED, or not, since they didn't give me the little card with the number on it; there was only one other voter waiting in my ED. The other EDs there had nobody voting at them at all.

It was predicted that a whopping 3% of registered Democrats would turn out today for the run-off for Comptroller and Public Advocate. That means very few people are determining the future occupants of these offices, since there’s no question that the Democrat will win in November.

I was not excited by the candidates. For Comptroller, I’m went for Liu; Yassky’s already in the Emperor Bloomberg’s big pockets, as evidenced by his vote to repeal term limits. For Public Advocate, I voted for Green (even with his scary perma-tan), who’s simply more pugnacious than de Blasio. De Blasio won’t rock the boat, never has, and, as a scion of the Clinton School of Cautious Centrism, probably never will. The current Public Advocate, Betsy Gotbaum, was MIA from the get-go; living in de Blasio’s City Council district, I knew he'd be much like her in the job.

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