Friday, September 11, 2009

Crickets and katydids, o my

Anglewing. Wikimedia Commons image.

Pessimism should not survive a good night's sleep.

Over the weekend on Nantucket, I helped my father move a section of the woodpile. The crickets bolted like crazy. Next time I'm up there, some of them will have made their way into the house. My father's hearing isn't good, so he doesn't hear them. I sure do, and it's tough getting to sleep when they're sawing away betwixt the baseboard and the carpet. Meanwhile, Saturday night is the Cricket Crawl here in NYC. This aural survey will attempt to get some idea of how many of these species are found in the city:

The familiar chirp-chirp-chirp. Fall field cricket.

Cheep. Cheep. Cheep. Jumping field cricket.

Dzt. Dzt. Dzt. Tick-tick-tick... the greater anglewing katydid.

Dddzt, dddzt, ddzt. The lesser anglewing katydid.

Zz-dede zz-dede. The oblong-winged katydid.

Tsip. tsip. The fork-tailed bush katydid.

The eponymous ka-ty-did of the common true katydid. Listen for the mass choral sound at the end of this sound clip.

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