Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Upon my toe

It was a damn nasty-looking gash on a hard-to-heal place, but seems to be progressing very nicely now. After ripping it open on the Borough Hall subway escalator last Tuesday evening, I bandaged it in the drug store at Court & Montague. When I told somebody there I’d cut it on an escalator, they asked me if I wanted to file a report; they thought I meant their escalator and assumed I was a real American, wanting to sue them. I arrived home with a sandal-full of blood, debating whether to go into Long Island College Hospital's emergency room. But I decided I'd rather live, so the next day I got a tetanus shot (couldn’t remember when I’d last gotten one; probably 1989 before my trip to China) and some antibiotics, which I’m just finishing up, from my own doctor, who was just about to skip the country because of some unsavory practices. I’ve been dressing it with a garlicky vinaigrette gauze, saline wash, & betadine, as per the podiatrist. As I’m unemployed and uninsured, it’s all cost about $500.

I would much rather have broken my toe kicking one of those anti-healthcare, proudly ignorant, closet racist, lunatic fringe teabagging birthers in the ass.

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