Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vincent & beetle

I found a 2005 daily calendar illustrated with Van Gogh’s work while cleaning the bigger room. Not too many years ago, I learned that “van go” should be pronounced something like “Van Gawk” with a lot of phlegm.

“And then I go outside and paint the stars,” (I quote from memory, so I may be slightly off) wrote Vincent to his brother Theo.

It being daylight, and none of my sunflowers in bloom yet, I went outside and photographed this bug:

A May beetle/June bug. At least so I surmise from the tell-tale three-fingered club at the end of the antennae, evidently the mark of the 300-strong (U.S. & Canada) genus Phyllophaga.

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amarilla said...

Cute beetle. His shell looks like one of those babies in an enormous water-soaked diaper, tiny legs sticking out.