Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shot of spider

I’m just sitting there when out of the corner of my eye I notice this spider crossing the floor. I popped a shot glass over her, then a piece of paper underneath to cover the bottom. Turned it over, and she slid down to the base, and as she had no grip on the glass, she just bided her time while I took a couple of photos. Then it was out the door with her. Don't know the species.


knithound brooklyn said...

Pretty girl with the long legs!

amarilla said...

I'm glad you didn't drink her.

amarilla said...

I forgot to mention, on a recent trip to Cape Henlopen a spider was found inadvertantly menacing the car's driver, so I trapped it in 2 paper cups and held it that way for about an hour until I let it go into some bushes by the Cape May ferry. Except at one point in the car when Nora wanted to see it and it seemed to crawl out. I found myself screaming hysterically and throwing the cups on Nora while everyone else screamed hysterically, which wound up being the funniest thing that's happened in a long time. A lot of hysteria!