Friday, July 10, 2009

Short takes on appalling subjects

The CIA lied to Congress? I’m shocked, shocked.

If Sarah Palin is a train wreck, and by Google she is, she is a TGV wreck, three hundred miles an hour … or is it too elitist/un-American/socialistical/anti-maverickery of me to reference the French? O hell, it’s all those things of me to write in whole sentences.

It speaks volumes about American politics that the GOP’s future rides on making sure that all Americans do not have health care.

It speaks volumes about New York’s politics that Albany hasn’t been under siege by outraged New Yorkers during the last month as the real estate lobbyists, Tom Billionaire Asshole Golisano, and other reactionaries staged a coup and called it (cough, cough) reform.

But it is amusing that Michael Bloomberg -- who, for all his talk of being post-party, is one of the biggest funders of GOP state senators -- has seen the city shafted in so many ways lately by Albany.

Some other obscenities:

Michael Jackson’s gold-leafed casket.

Robert McNamara dying peacefully at the age of 93, after he did so much to kill more than four million in Southeast Asian.

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