Saturday, July 11, 2009


You know what I missed this past 4th of July? Poached salmon and peas, with dill mayonnaise. Sigh. I’m off fish since most species are over-fished. Getting some salmon from Alaska, where the only wild stuff remains, makes no carbon-sense. And farm-raised? Please, you mean industry-raised. All Atlantic salmon is now an industrial product. Fed grain (!) and antibiotics (because they are packed in with their own shit), industrial salmonproduct ends up gray-fleshed, so the industry adds pink pigment to make them look like “salmon.” It’s “Michael Jackson food,” monstrously transformed from its original state.

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amarilla said...

I was just thinking about salmon last night because my son loves it so much, gulps it down like a dolphin, but I'm reluctant to get it for him and rarely do. I suppose I should figure out what's the lesser evil. Any clues? I guess your point is there isn't one.

Recently heard some bad news about Trader Joe's (Traitor Joe's to Greenpeace) and their wreckless fish buying when it comes to things like Sea Bass. I've never made it over there anyway, it's too far, and if I did, I think I'd use my time to visit Sahadis, which I get nostalgic for.