Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekend Events

My new hair cut (bartered for burdock root; welcome to the new economy) will probably be under a hat this weekend as I’m out and about under the sun:

On Saturday, I will be leading a Proteus Gowanus fieldtrip to glean the treasures and trash (one person’s is another’s etc) at Dead Horse Bay. We will be mending the littoral, baby, because it sure needs it. Meet at 11:30 a.m. at the Floyd Bennett Field Parking lot.

On Sunday, I will be either leading or co-leading or perhaps just following, it’s always a little unclear, the monthly first Sunday birdwalk in Prospect Park. 8 am at the Audubon Center/Boathouse. Migration is over, but nesting is in full swing, and among other things, thee hungry eyases (baby hawks) are getting ready to fledge on Nelly’s Lawn.

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Haiku575 said...

The Proteus Gowanus trip sounds like so much fun! I'm out of town this weekend but I would love to be scavenging Dead Horse with you.