Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Strawberry Shortcrepes

I made strawberry shortcrepes Sunday night for dessert. Sweet crepes filled with slightly cooked strawberries, rolled, put under the broiler for a short time, then ladled with strawberry sauce (sweetened, cooked, pureed, touched with pepper and balsamic vinegar), and then dropped with Swedish cream (whipped cream mixed with sour cream). My guests got the photos, but I followed up with this swirl of the leftovers, just the cream mixed into the sauce. Still tasty. Reminds me of the slurry you make to make marbled paper.


apt pupil said...

I have some of your marbled paper! If only I could eat it!

Matthew said...

Maybe you'll be reincarnated as a paper wasp.

Haiku575 said...

I am still thinking about those strawberry shortcrepes. They were so good that I nearly swooned.

PS - Apt Pupil, you are missed!