Monday, June 22, 2009

Berry again

"The collaboration of boomer* science and the boomer mentality of the industrial corporations has imposed upon us a state of virtually total economy in which it is the destiny of every creature (humans not excepted) to have a price and to be sold. In the total economy, all materials, creatures, and ideas become commodities, interchangeable and disposable. People become commodities along with everything else. Only such an economy could seek to impose upon the world’s abounding geographic and creaturely diversity the tyranny of technological and genetic monoculture. Only in such an economy could “life forms” be patented, or the renewability of nature and culture be destroyed. Monsanto’s aptly named “terminator gene” – which, implanted in seed sold by Monsanto, would cause the next generation of seed to be sterile – is as grave an indicator of totalitarian purpose as a concentration camp."

*Not the demographic, but rather one of two kinds of humans according to Wallace Stegner, the kind of people “who pillage and run” as opposed to the “stickers,” “those who settle and love the life they have made and the place they have made in it.”

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