Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ummm, donuts

The carrot cake donut -- yes, that’s right, the carrot cake donut -- at the Donut Plant on Grand St. in the Inner Borough is the bomb. But the tres leches was, alas, not up to its usual standards. I hadn’t been to the Plant in a very long while, although I note that the same counterman is still at it after all these years (he does look rather larger, though, no doubt a hazard of the trade). Due to advancing mortality, I no longer attempt more than two of these donuts at a time. Sigh, because the blackout cake donut was calling me. I suppose it’s a good thing, because the cake donuts are $2 a pop. But the carrot cake donut, which seem to be a special offering, was worth today’s side-trip. This is a cake donut (their yeasty donuts are windbaggy unless stuffed with something) with a bit of cream cheese filling. I know it sounds odd, but with its crisp-glazing, vegetable goodness, and most agreeable filling (not too sweet, not too thick) it was very very good.


knithound brooklyn said...

Ya, those donuts are pretty amazin'.

Bluebird of Friendliness said...

It's dangerous to live in NYC if you have no self control. I had to wean my husband off these donuts a few months ago. I had a rose-petal donut on Valentine's Day. And they make great chai too! The Donut Plant is one of the great things I will miss when I move away from the city. I still can''t decide if I like the cake donuts or the yeast donuts better. I hope to try the experiment one more time!