Thursday, March 26, 2009

Out and about in Brooklyn

On Henry St. just south of Jorelemon.
On Dean St., the side of Bar Tabac.
On the second story corner of a former police palazzo on Poplar St. This intrigued me, but it looks like this Beverly was a mister. Was this the King of King & Campbell, the team who did Pomander Walk?


amarilla said...

Glad someone still likes Jays. They have gotten a bad reputation, but I can't get over the pleasure of seeing a bird that's blue and so effectively banded.

Still I wonder what that bird plans to do with the entire narcissus.

Matthew said...

I unaccountably forgot to add them to my city symphony of avian sounds.

amarilla said...

Maybe you'll hear a Jay on Jay St. sometime.

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

I love that paste-up!