Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a message from our sponsors

Sure, the theater is impressive, but the populist anger over the AIG bonus-looting is a sideshow. While the shock, shock of Congressional windbags is always enjoyable, it should not be forgotten that many of these preening hacks were the ones who unleashed the crooks to begin with by deregulating the financial services industry. They are also the same crew who got rid of the usury laws and helped push so many Americans into debt. Indeed, the Vice President, a former senator from Delaware, with its whorishly lax incorporation laws, has long been a water carrier for the usury industry, which in more polite company is called the credit card industry. That was some sweet bipartisan work, as has been the entire re-distribution of wealth in this country towards the top. Certainly the Republican howls are particularly rich, considering that they are ones who aided and abetted everything Bush II did, including shoveling money at AIG back in September without any strings. But then what would you expect from torture pimps and others who spent the last 8 years putting party above Constitution, principles, and morality?

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