Saturday, January 17, 2009

Three dog night

What’s that in cats?

I usually sleep with my window open a crack for the fresh air, and also to counteract the boiling radiator. But last night, I pulled on socks (clothing in bed: yeech!) and another wool blanket. I only vaguely remembered I had another blanket. The A/C in the wall, the unit I haven’t turned on since summer of 2006, even needed to be covered. Where’s a girlfriend when you need her? In the British Virgin Islands, as it happens, and she’s in for a shock when she exits the terminal at LGA later today.

But then I thought of North Dakota… and felt rather warmer.

Cold nights and I’ll burrow under the covers like a husky under the ice with nothing but a breathing hole, dreaming of seal meat and the coming day’s long hard pull.

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amarilla said...

Godspeed to the Lady Bachelor!