Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Broad Channel, Queens -- there's nothing quite like it in the metropolis. McBush/Palin stickers were still to be seen on the back of cars. ("Jesus Christ, honey, a negro's been elected president!" I once took a writing class with a young woman from here who was afraid to tell her neighbors she went to Manhattan for a writing class.) Open for a bigger view so you can see the Two Proud Americans Live Here sign under the fish's tail. Note the weather-proofed old salt to the lower left. But when you're on foot, and come by train, it's the only way to get to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Of course, you can also be blown there by the wind like another piece of garbage. This ballon was a good three feet long. Happy birth to you, too, kid. Next year, ask your parents to give a hoot and not buy any mylar bird-killers.

West Pond, in the foreground, was mostly frozen. It was pretty quite, but I got to add snow goose, lessser scaup, hooded merganser, American wigeon, American black duck, yellow-rumped warbler, and fish crow to my year list.

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amarilla said...

That six really looks like it's some weird thing in the sand, something along the lines of a Christo or Spiral Jetty. I hope it didn't choke anything.

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