Monday, December 8, 2008


Over at the corporate HQ, they like to say “History Made Every Day” so much they trademarked it. I, being a somewhat snarky lad, translate this as History: Baked Fresh Daily. (I mean, come on: Ice Road Truckers, Axe Men, Jurassic Fight Club, UFO Hunters??) Well, they get the last laugh, because they baked me today. Maybe now I can tell them I don't own a TV.

History, formerly known as The History Channel -- but I bet you didn’t get that memo -- has been my paymaster for the past year or so. I got the word this afternoon that they're making some history and folding the tent on their freelancers. December 31th is my last day. If that ain’t a ump of Appalachia in my stocking!

Actually, I knew it was coming, what with Bush’s economy crashing and burning, but I didn’t know if I’d get through the first quarter or not. Not, as it turns out. I'm history now.


Emerson Merrick said...

I feel like I should pat you on the back, offer you a cold bowl of porridge and say welcome, friend, to our huddled masses.

M.Thew said...

Ummm, porridge. Cooked all night in the Aga. I've stocked up on the Grade B maple syrup, so we can barter.