Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Step One

The corn bread, belly-side up. D’oh! I forgot the 4 tbs of sugar. But since it’s part of a stuffing for turducken, I think that’s ok. That’s right. The Commodore and I are making turducken for New Year’s Eve. If you haven’t heard of this edible chimera, voila: A chicken, duck, and turkey walk into a bar…. You take the three boned birds, and wrap them together with stuffing between the meats. (Settle down, there, settle down!) Cook on very low temperature all day long. Let rest for an hour as you make the gravy &c. Eat.

Don’t worry, kids, we’ve done this before. And to think that they laughed at us at university.

Mrs L., the voice of old Italian Brooklyn, says you should be holding a dollar in your hand when the New Year comes, so that you'll have luck and money in the new dawn, but I think I'll be holding a fork.


amarilla said...

That looks exactly like the cornbread I just made, if upside down. I'm slapping myself silly.

Thanks for the monetary advisement.

Lorianne said...

I think you should be holding a fork and a glass of wine (or whatever beverage tickles your fancy). 'Twould be a shame to be blessed with food but no drink in the New Year, no?

M.Thew said...

X-actly. Let's hear it for opposable thumbs.