Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More bees, please

This Sunday, the first meeting of the newly formed New York City Beekeepers Association is taking place. 11 a.m. at the University Settlement at the Houston St Center, 273 Bowery, in the Inner Borough. Hmm, I wonder if there will be undercover cops there, because as you know, bee-keeping is illegal in NYC. It could be a sting.

Meanwhile, Just Food has a petition to legalize bee-keeping in NYC. Consider signing if you like fruit, veggies, flowers, & etc.

Now, I do have to admit: I've been cheating on my honey. I take a big dollop of plain yogurt and let it drain in a paper coffee filter for half an hour or more, to make it nice and thick. Then I pour on Grade B maple syrup. O, my cheatin' taste buds!


Mindy said...

FYI- this has nothing to do with bee's (though they are pretty amazing) but I've decided this is my new favorite blog. Thanks for such interesting posts!

M.Thew said...

Thank you for reading them.

sarajill said...

i've been eying maple syrup whenever I put honey on my greek yogurt myself. Wondering if it would taste good, but I've been to chicken to try it. Maybe now I will. Love maple syrup on Irish oatmeal—the best winter breakfast.

M.Thew said...

Try it; you'll like it! I love real oatmeal.