Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote aqui

The line was around the corner and down the playground fence, the longest ever, by far, that I’ve seen it, at 6:25. In 1960, 63% of the the electorate voted; since then it has dwindled to where 51% is considered a good turnout, so I am curious to see what the final number, and percentage, is today. The weather, after all, is lookin' good....

It only took 35 minutes to vote at the steam-powered beast inside the curtains at Ol’ ED 96, and then buy some chocolate madeleines from the bakesale ladies.

One dog person with a Lab said to another with a beagle-ish, “Has he voted yet,” and the beagley leash-holder said, “Not yet, but he’s a rescue from the South so I’m a little worried.” Come on, a beagle-mix? I don't think he had to worry.

As a person of the left, I can’t get all that excited about Obama… except for the symbolism. And until we have a real democracy, symbolism is pretty much the best you can get. And what do I mean by symbolism? After more than four centuries of multicultural/multiracial fact, it’s about time. Yes, the symbolism, of a the new America, and the shaking off the dead white hand of the old. Thankfully, NY allows for fusion ballots, meaning that I didn’t actually have to vote for the spinelesss Democrats. Hallelujah! I voted Working Families, Line E. Obama gets the vote (pity I couldn’t split it so that I wouldn’t have to vote for his odious running mate, the Senator from the banking and credit industry), but so does the WFP, which acts as something of a progressive force on the Democrats.

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