Monday, November 24, 2008

I love Carole Lombard

This week at the Film Forum, you’ll notice that Carol Lombard has a hell of a scar on her left cheek. You can see it behind the smeary-lensed close-ups, makeup, and the platinum blonde diffused lighting, if you look for it. You can’t see it above, with her ex-husband (o, lucky man) William Powell, in My Man Godfrey, which they made several years after what must have been an amicable divorce. (Below, she’s posing on the court house steps following the divorce, still looking rather flapperish.) Some research reveals what wised-up audiences probably knew back in the day; she’d been in a car accident as a teenager, had 14 stitches and cosmetic surgery, but could never really be rid of it. It just makes her look more beautiful, of course, because only fools and little boys believe in perfection.

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Dana said...

you, Sir, are a true delight.