Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am not his friend

What a nasty little man John McCain is turning out to be. It now makes sense that he called his wife a cunt in front of couple of reporters when she made a joke about it his thinning hair. It’s amazing how all the media blowhards were suckered for so long by his “Maverick” branding. Some theorize it’s penis envy, a bunch of fat-assed mouthpieces trying to get some of that manliness rubbed off on them by jonesing for his war record (which, come to think of it, meant doing his part to kill two million Vietnamese). I wonder if they’re sorry now, as the McCain campaign goes after the media like Joseph Goebbels and Little Miss Taliban Sarah Palin’s fans act like brownshirts in front of reporters? As Lincoln Chafee, one of the surprisingly few sane Republicans in recent memory says, McCain’s flipped on all the big issues they used to work together on. He’ll stop at nothing to win the Presidency, as the cynical Palin pick so nakedly showed. And for what, to continue Bush’s legacy of corruption and disaster in Iran, Afghanistan, New Orleans, the Justice Department, the deficit, the housing mess, the banking crisis, the economy…? But I was talking about the man. Did you see him, with his cadaverous smile, refer to Obama as “that one”? Did you see him refuse to shake the man’s hand after the debate? What a shit!


amarilla said...

If McCain's calling his wife a cunt in front of reporters than you can imagine what he's calling Obama behind his back. Losing to Obama would probably kill the man.

M.Thew said...

It's really telling that he wouldn't meet Obama's eyes in the first debate and wouldn't shake his hand at the finish of this one. I mean, shaking hands is so automtic.