Thursday, October 30, 2008

Down Amity St.

There’s an unusual ship tied up down the street. A little snooping reveals that it is the BEM Monge, a French naval vessel. It’s a missile tracking ship, or as the French consulate in Boston had it, a “measure and test ship.” (Hmm, sort of smacks of nuke tests in the Pacific.) The commander, at least of a year ago, sports this moniker: Capitaine de Vaisseau Frédéric de Mauduit du Plessis.

On the helicopter landing pad astern, there are two doors. Over the port door, it says Honneur, and over the starboard door, Patrie. Lady or the tiger? Hell, if she’s French, choose the lady!


amarilla said...

Did you stowaway? Well, if so, I hope you can blog from onboard. By the way, I like that bottom shot a lot. It reminds me of some of these.

M.Thew said...

Amazing pictures. Sometimes it feels like we are just visitors here on planet Earth.

PS I did not stowaway aboard because I could not find the door that said "la gloire."