Thursday, September 25, 2008


I was walking down Columbia this afternoon when I found this: Jalopy, a gallery, school, bar, performance and so on space that really seems tied into the borough’s roots music thing.

Also, a couple of doors down at 311 Columbia is a gallery. It didn't seem to have a name. A little googling suggested it might be called Goodman, but I couldn't find a website. Anyway, I liked what I saw through the window (since it was closed).
Have you ever been in the Beinecke Library at Yale? Only in America would something like Green Stamps (the link is for the youngsters out there who don’t remember these) make such a family fortune that such splendors as this rare book collection would be funded. The walls of the windowless building are thin slabs of marble that glow from the external light of day. It’s quite magical. I was there years ago with my first girlfriend. But I digress. This blog, Room 26 Cabinet of Curiosities a friend sent me gives a hint of some of its treasures.

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