Sunday, September 28, 2008

Black box photos

I found some black velvet lined drawers on the street and thought my friend C would like them for her artwork. While waiting for the hand-over, I decided to use one of them as a background for some photos of things around the house.

A piece of the Imperial Summer Palace, northwest of Beijing. Possibly smashed by those charmers in the Red Guard during the "ten year upheaval period." Found (looted) by me in 1989.

South Beach (Staten Island) beach glass in an unusually white oyster shell.

Trilobite fossil.

Unknown rock found on the Far Away Island beach.


sarajill said...

amazing how great everything looks on a very black background. This also applies to food, so if you're shopping for new plates, consider black!

M.Thew said...

Black plates seem awfully noir for me. Mine are blue glass.

amarilla said...

That's a very compelling rock. I wonder what it is.