Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Viva Merica!

Amarilla reminds me that this is the 232nd anniversary of that glorious retreat that used to be called the Battle of Long Island before Brooklyn got its dander up about the naming rights. I took this pic a couple of weeks ago of Stanford White's Maryland Monument in Prospect Park in anticipation of it and then forgot all about it. Just think, we might talk like Canadians, have a perhaps more democratic parliamentary system, make snarky comments about imported-from-Germany in-bred royals, and all have access to a health care system more concerned about health than profits if the Mericans had won that one.


amarilla said...

232! right you are! its back to lmentry school for me, hopefully in Canaduh.

M.Thew said...

Actually, I started school in Canada, got low marks for "interaction," and only learned to read because my brother kept pushing Lord of the Rings at me.

amarilla said...

That's a good brother! I didn't pick up the reading so quickly in Maryland either. I have the Quakers of Philadelphia, sadly sometimes called Killadelphia these days, to thank for my literacy.