Monday, July 14, 2008


Click on this image for a better view of a scarlet and green leafhopper.
More than a week ago, I had a bite of a particularly succulent sausage at Thomas Beisl, across from BAM, where we had repaired to see Bela Tarr’s Werkmeister Harmonies. Something Austro-Hungarian seemed most appropriate after that luminescent Hungarian movie. After that tease, all week long I hungered for some good sausage. Finally, I made my way to Schaller & Weber and stocked up. Friday night, along with three little tomatoes, we ate weisswurst and bratwurst with mustard, sauerkraut and German-style potato salad liberally laced with sorrel. I thought my jones was well-satisfied. Saturday, we ventured to the beach at Fort Tilden. (Guess there’s a queer beach out there somewhere along the Rockaway peninsula, because the Q35 was filled with hipster lesbians.) And saw the sea creatures enumerated below. No camera along, but I missed if for the sturgeon, which was about four feet long and very unusual looking. After getting sandy and all, we headed back for the bus feeling a mite peckish, and there was a food truck parked near the bus stop. Hot sausage with kraut and some kind of red sauce. Ummmm. The next day, Sunday, was Smith Street’s two Bastille Day block parties. Some Lillet and… sausage!
Where I didn’t eat sausage: Saturday night, Rooftop Films on top of the American Can Factory at 3rd & 3rd. A not-so-good band opened, and I had lots of problems with the film, Knee Deep (as in cow shit), a tale of sordid doings on a farm in Maine, but the location was cool, literally and otherwise, and the long trek through the old factory to the roof was enjoyable. There’s a linotype machine gathering dust there.

This is the Hellgate Bridge, with the Tribough in the background:
Sunday night, after venturing up the East River, had no sausage for dinner (although I finished off OHS’s lunch leftovers in the late afternoon) at Bocca Lupa on Henry. Their sausage-free chocolate tart with hazelnut mousse is so good!
Tropical Storm Bertha influences the sky. There are more photos of the weekend here.

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