Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blogging Block Party

The 'hood, from the harbor. Click for a closer view; I'm in the one farthest to the right.

Look up! I do most days. As soon as I get out of the house. The clouds, the birds, even the planes. But I’ve never looked up and over. I never noticed that fig tree up there before.

The Crush links on the left? I check most of them out, unless the ladies are dead (blessed be their memory). One of them, whom I call Terrace 66, is a woman named Marie at the blog 66 Square Feet. I found her on Rob's City Birder. (I've birdwatched with Rob in Prospect and Greenwood.) Turned out she was based in these parts, the erstwhile South Brooklyn: Lots of references to places close by were noted; I stuck around for the nice photos, gorgeous roof-top garden, sleek black cat, enviable food and drink concoctions on display. (Incidently, she's one hot hottie, so that didn't hurt.) Well, I’m looking at a recent posting today, and one of the pictures, from her rooftop garden, looks… well, like it was taken from next door. A couple row houses over, actually. Freaky weird! I mean, when cyber stalking, one doesn’t want to be too close, after all. (Sophisticated New Yorker readers: take note that that’s a joke.) How odd it is to live in a city. I mean, I often don’t run into some of the people who live in my building for months on end. Currently stoopless, I don’t hang outside my building like I used to when I was on 2nd St in Park Slope. (The white bourgeoisie hardly ever hangs out on their stoops, as you may have noticed; what’s up with that?) I've never run into her, as far as I know. The only person I’ve ever noticed over there is the ground-floor exiled smoker.

Of course, just because I scan her blog every once and a while doesn't mean I pretend to know her, or that I’m a friend of her’s (with all those sites where you can count your “friends,” the word has become practically meaningless, sadly), but someday right outside here when we pass like two maniacs on the nearby Ditch of the BQE, I will slow down and say hello. Don’t be afraid, Marie, I came to this planet in peace. (But by the time I saw Earth’s leader, that Assclown Prince/Chimperator/Clueless Arrogant Fratboy Fuckhead of a Putschist, my ship was broken and I was trapped, damn it.)

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M.Thew said...

That last reference requires a footnote. The alien comes down to earth in his UFO and says, "Take me to your leader." Since the alien obviously lands in the US (for the reference dates to the glory days of what Henry Luce called the "American Century"), that would be the American President. And sadly we all know who he is. As an aside, note that Laurie Anderson, answering her alien, dates one of her songs by referring to Bush pere, "Honey, I don't even know George."