Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pigeon on the sidewalk, won't talk

Has anybody lost a piegon? This shot does not quite convey the startling and weird beauty of those eyes.Note the legband: this bird has flown somebody's coop. I first noticed it yesterday in Cobble Hill Park. Here it's enjoying the white mulberries falling onto Verandah Place during today's lunch excursion.
Which took me to the Garden of the Union Street Bridge. I'll post some pollinators I found there later. On the way there, the silktree (Albizia julibrissin) at the improbable intersection of Union & Bond was in bloom.
Let's go into the thready stamens for a closer look...


amarilla said...

Oh, I've never heard it called a silktree, that's nice. I always called it a Mimosa, which is also orange juice mixed with champagne, isn't it? That's a fairly bland color mix compared to the bleed in those flowers.

Nice silky threads!

Thew said...

Yes, it's also known as a mimosa tree. Common names can be awfully confusing. And Champagne and OJ make a mimosa too, although much debased by cheap bubbly when they come "free" at brunch.