Monday, June 30, 2008

on the beach

The original Star Trek was formative in my youth. They were already in reruns by the time I saw them. There was that episode with the jellyfish-like creatures that landed on your back and took over your brain.I didn't like that episode. There were about a dozen of these jellyfish left behind by the tide.

This American oyster catcher was making a racket. Another joined it and they made more of a racket. Last year, a pair had a young one out here, which was good news since the species is doing poorly
A snowy egret. These birds were taken at the extreme of my lens, x24.
I hear they are introducing a jalepeno flavor.

Found this Polaroid being exhibited.


amarilla said...

At first glance I thought the jelly was some kind of mold, it looks so fibrous and dry. No offense intended, you know, as we have much to thank mold for, of course. The development of drug resistant microbes isn't the fault of penicillin.

Thew said...

O, they were jelly-y all right, dinner-plate sized and quite goopy beneath.