Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mad gods and stinglessmen

How am I surviving the inferno? My apartment is on the ground floor, facing west, with an overhanging balcony (where Stompy FGB clangs, clatters, and constipates at all hours), and surrounding buildings so I don’t get direct sunlight on the windows/walls. Lucky in summer, not so in winter: it can get pretty cold in here when the heat’s off, as it did during the recent, and now lamented, long cold spring. The place takes in the relative cool of the evening, which means it's a long time before it gets uncomfortable during the day. I do have an air conditioner, in my bedroom, but it hasn’t been on since the summer of 2006, when I got it new. There’s a small circular fan, which is on at the moment, the air arching up from the floor and insinuating itself through holes in my chair back. No, I couldn’t take days of this tropical hell, but I hear there’s going to be a rip-roarer tonight, scouring the Bermuda High from our skies.

I went out briefly to look at my wilting tomatoes a couple of hours ago and soon scurried back in, after laving them with fresh water. Meanwhile, I’m drinking real limeade, sweetened with my own ginger vanilla simple syrup.

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