Saturday, May 10, 2008

start with the redstart

The day started nicely with a male American redstart singing in the first of the Zelkova elms at what I call Zelkova Alley on the west side of Henry St. between Congress and Pacific. When warblers start showing up in neighborhood trees, you know it’s the heart of the season. To the park, and stat!

There, at the northern edge of the larger of the Pools, formerly Swan Boat Lake, was an excellent view of a green heron, normally rather elusive, but showing off its russet neck and orange legs to great advantage. Several oven birds, with their orange stripe over the head, a racing stripe if there ever was one, were observed; more than I’ve ever noticed before. Chipmunks were also to be had everywhere. At the little observation platform in the pool above the waterfall at the Lullwater, there was a huge bullfrog. It didn’t move the entire time we were there. This guy, who has some excellent pictures on the web, stopped by with his adorable bird-named daughter, who is just about as tall as her daddy’s telephoto.
Tonight, for a change of pace, it's roller ball.

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