Wednesday, May 14, 2008


You’ve been asking, even demanding, to know why I haven’t mentioned the Jean Luc Godard at the Film Forum. Five weeks of the Dynamo’s 1960s movies. Because: 1) I haven’t been to any of the screenings yet, 2) I’ve seen most of them before, at least once. 3) I’m waiting for a revival of the Dziga Vertov Group. But, of course, there’s Anna Karina, perhaps the only person ever to look good in blue eyeshadow.

So I went to see A Woman is A Woman (again) last night. The title sequences sets you up for the palette: Godard/Karina/Lubitsch/Belmondo/Ponti/14 Juillet/Cinema (this is my abbreviated/remembered version). AK’61 wears red stockings and sports a red umbrella, oo-la-la. And, this being early JLG, she’s gender-coded as well, for JLG wallows in misogyny while critiquing it. At least she gets the last wink.

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