Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy birthday, baby!

This weekend is the Brooklyn Bridge’s 125th birthday. There’s going to be a concert at Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park tonight, but that sounds less interesting than the fireworks, for not only is blowhard Marty Markowitz joining Michael “The Developer” Bloomberg in singing the Hill Sisters’ moneymaker, but a special song has been commissioned for the event. That just sounds ominous. A block away, however, is the Telectroscope, allowing people to look into and through the old transatlantic tunnel to London. Now, that sounds interesting.


Traci said...

The Telectroscope sounds fascinating and dare I say "steampunk." I'm going to look through it.

Thew said...

Very steampunk. Personally, I don't think the day should be gotten through without at least once saying "Isambard Kingdom Brunel" aloud.