Sunday, May 4, 2008


This weekend’s cooking: an asparagus risotto on Friday night, and a sour cream blueberry coffee cake Saturday morning, with plenty for the adventuresses at the Floyd Bennett Field parking lot in anticipation of wandering along the Barren Island shoreline at DHB. Saturday night, after stocking up with two kinds of ham, three cheeses, and a loaf of bread at Stinky on Smith, OHS and I beered up with a couple bottles of Chimay Cinq Cents at American Beer on Court. This is very good beer, my friends, so let us raise our mugs to the Trappists. On the way back from this provisioning, we found a box of cookie-cutters on the sidewalk, some plastic, and some metal: we rescued the saguaro cactus. Sunday, now, as I type, the water is boiling for pasta, to be tossed with caccio e pepe, and drunk with Friday’s left-over Sangiovese. Cheers.

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