Tuesday, May 6, 2008

39 bottles... of stuff...on the wall

From the trash heap of history…where the tide tinkles with glass. If you check out the Adventuress’ photos, you see these are rather sandy-muddy, slimy, & seaweedy, to begin with, but a judicious cleaning usually gets the Jamaica Bay out.I am partial to the little bottles. The mysterious little unfocused bottles. Too small for nip bottles, even though it looks like that from here. One of these actually has its little rubber stopper inside of it, pushed in long ago, and now trapped.
FLIT. Looks like an ink-bottle, but out of this ink-bottle came FLIT! As you know, Theodor S. Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, started his career working for Flit, an insecticide from those swine at Standard Oil, and that “Quick Henry, the Flit!” was a catchphrase al a mode of the 30s & 40s (my father, a veteran of the Great Depression and the Army Air Corp, recalls this), but I rather thought this was a small bottle for the job of extermination.
You know the Ex Lax Building on Atlantic Avenue? I was walking down Atlantic one day with my friend A.C.E., and I said “Man, I bet those apartments are expensive,” and A.C.E, said, “Yeah, but I’m sure they’re just regular people living in them.” If not, there’s always pasteurized citrate of magnesia, “the ideal saline LAXATIVE”. On the back of this, it says: DOSE – ADULTS/ONE HALF TO ONE/BOTTLE AS DESIRED/CHILREN IN PROPORTION/TO AGE. As desired?
Emerson Drug Co’s Bromo-Seltzer in the nice blue bottle. Probably one dose per. Urpp!

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