Saturday, April 12, 2008

All about the bees

Check out the pollen on that calla lily! Woo-woo! The bees! Honey bees were active in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden today. They were favoring the stinking hellebore (what a glorious name, but not all that stinky), the grape hyacinth, and a number of things in the Rock Garden. It is so good to see them at work. I wonder where they live; as far as I know, the garden doesn’t have any hives. That’s fucking ridiculous. Get cracking, people! Of course, there is that stupid-ass city law… bees are actually outlaws according to the city charter. A couple of bumble-bees were busy as well. A good day, although it threatened rain all afternoon.

It was all about the bees today. In the late afternoon, I found myself in Bed-Stuy near that fantastic armory at Atlantic and Franklyn, for a hiving. The folks here have a green roof, with little succulents like this beauty spread all about the volcanic pebbles:

When hiving, you pour the bees from the box they came in into the hive, after extracting the queen cage and setting it into the hive frames. Bees are everwhere. Hell of a view of the Inner Borough. Across the way, an old Studebaker service center sign could still be read on a wall.

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