Friday, March 14, 2008

what goes out must come back in

There’s a stimulating exhibit about sustainability at Eyebeam, at 540 W 21st, Inner Borough, until April 19. Do go. (Just ignore the junk-for-rich-fools that passes for art in most of the other galleries along the street). Artists, designers, architects, & engineers have contributed to “Feedback.” I found it heavy on the technology (all packed with toxic materials) and wasn’t sure where they were getting their electricity from, but these are good issues to raise at a show like this. Much food for thought here. Some actual food, but it will take a while: Leah Gauthier’s Sow-in is serenely meditative after all the blinking lights and computers screens: she’s growing heirloom plants. Next month she will be distributing seeds to community gardens.

Unfortunately, all the Unrecyclable stickers were scarfed up by the swine at the opening last night.

Have you finished dinner? (Gut bacteria, activate!) Good, because I picked up the urine-into-fertilizer DYI kit ($16.20), the off-shoot of the “DrinkPeeDrinkDrinkPee” project by Rebecca Bray and Britta Riley (do they call her "Filter"?).

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