Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Paper thin scutes from the turtle's carapace, or upper shell, all that was salvageable.
The late Eva Crane’s enormous The World History of Beekeeping and Honey Hunting arrived in the mail recently, the gift of a co-worker I’ve never actually met. She’d heard I liked birds and bees (not to mention the birds and the bees). It was an inspired choice, and extraordinarily generous. I am looking forward to digging in.
This Saturday at noon there will be a river-to-river demonstration against Bush’s Iraq war along 14th Street. People will be linking up hands from Avenue A to 11 Ave. No idea how many people they expect to turn out, but they seem to be planning modestly, since 14th Street extends four more blocks to the east after Avenue A. It’s not a civil disobedience action. Personally, I think shutting down traffic would be more effective, but, god forbid, anybody be disturbed from their normal routines and be reminded of the fifth anniversary of a war that has killed tens of thousands. Bloomberg would have to reopen his RNC-era prison camp again.

The last of four winter CSA shares was distributed tonight: the freezer is now stuffed with butternut and papaya squash; red tomatoes; yellow tomato puree; sweet red and hot red peppers; kale; & blackberries.

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