Thursday, March 6, 2008


Flowers! Crocuses in Brooklyn Heights this afternoon, and some little tiny blue ones I don’t know. And reports of a pine warbler sighted over in Prospect. Springing…

An idea: a collection of the stalactites of the MTA, drip-growing from the roof of all those subway stations. More collections from this fellow Blackstock, pot-washer, savant, pen and ink taxonomist.

Many contrails this evening over the southwest, slicing the twilight before unbraiding poisonously in the sky. Beautiful but deadly: yes, contrails are more and more recognized as environmentally disastrously, helping to raise the planet’s temperature by seeding the kinds of high clouds that trap radiating heat.


Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

Freaky about the contrails. I've always had a soft spot for contrails, and for the word "contrails."

Might the early-blooming flowers in question be ipheion?

Thew said...

No, these were tiny bunches of bell-shaped deep blue-purple flowers. Probably so obvious, but I'm a flower idiot.

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

Maybe Siberian Squill.
I once saw a photo of honeybees gathering an unbelievable brilliant blue pollen from Siberian Squill, so last fall I had a forced Labor Camp Day upstate whereby Wren and I planted 500 squill bulbs. Let's pray they rise!