Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The Redheaded Gardner of the Gowanus was at work today, on the east side of the Union St. Bridge, where she tends a disruption in the concrete. Hyacinth was popping up in her field of resistance. I applauded her work, which is a bright spot in the valley of the shadow of the great greasy green Gowanus. Two ring billed gulls were in the canal today; last night, half a dozen mallards. Life, at the end of nature.
Overheard cell-phone screamer on the street: “It’s her wedding and she knows what she wants; she wants to bring in the monkeys.” What, not flying monkeys? Bring ‘em on: flying shit is most appropriate to the disgusting spectacle of materialist grotesquerie that is the modern wedding.


YourFireAnt said...

Maybe she meant The Monkees.


Thew said...

I don't think so: they are booked to play Jones Beach until the apocalypse.

Marie said...

She's redheaded? I've never seen her. I love her sidewalk disruption - it's one of my favourite gardens, anywhere.

Thew said...

I think she spends half the year as Queen of the Underworld, then, like the flame-haired daughter of Demeter, rises to spread her garden love.