Monday, March 31, 2008

Bees, woodblocks, risotto

Some good news from the garden: the hives are doing pretty well. One lost its queen, but the bees forged a replacement. The queen is dead, long live the queen! They can do that, sometimes, feeding more royal jelly than usual to female larva. Normally, the worker bees are infertile females (in the hives, you might think of the “female” as a conglomerate of the infertile workers and the fertile queen, who does nothing but lay eggs and can’t take care of herself; the males? bums known as drones). The workers will try a couple proto-queens: first one out of the pupal stage goes and kills the other one. Long live the queen!

There’s a sweet little exhibit of ukiyo-e at the Asia Society. The quality of the prints are amazing (the scrolls don’t rock my world as much). Because of the fragility of the works, they will be replacing some of them for another round in the next couple of days, so I may need to go back.

Two days before the Risotto Challenge. Sucker got listed in L Magazine. Wednesday 8 at Loki, 5th ave and 2nd St. I’ve been laying down the flavor base since Saturday.

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