Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I just found out there’s going to be a total lunar eclipse on the night of my 45th birthday, February 20. In fact, it’s going to be total during the time I was born, 10:36pm on the birth certificate. From 10:01- 10:51, the moon will be in our shadow. Umbra man! I think I’ll be dancing naked on the beach…

I love the aggressiveness of that pagan stain of ashes on the forehead.

Made the mistake of getting mixed up in yesterday’s Jersey Giants rally. (You play in NJ you’re from NJ; that’s pretty easy math.) Completely forgot about it on what should have been a quick lunchtime errand. An invasion of out-of-towners, mostly burly white suburban types, the same ilk who love the Yankees so. How do I know they weren’t outer borough? Because they were clueless about MetroCard and none of them were going south.

Speaking of thugs, WTF is a super delegate?

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