Sunday, February 24, 2008

i'm puttin' on my top hat...

I purchased a top hat yesterday. Film at 11.

I see that, being an over-30 bachelor, I'm a "menace to society." The white fascist "natural family" society of the fundies, that is. Cool.

This morning I took OHS into Prospect Park to look at birds. We saw more x-country skiers at first, but then you must always enter deeply into the park before you see anything, shedding the city as you go in. By the Waterfall, it was warm enough to sit in the sun. Two red-tails put on a show above, circling each other and then doing the claw-down swoop: buteo courtship. A little later they landed in a big tree across the Lullwater and the male made his move, but the female flew off. We heard a jay as we walked towards the bird feeders. Someone had spread birdseed along the Lullwater path, so dark eyed junco, chickadee, & cardinal were busy. I thought I heard a raptor crying from up the Breeze Hill slope, but it seemed to come from a tree, and usually they cry from on high. It might have been a jay. OHS was wearing very sexy boots, which were not made for clamoring up the snowy path to the feeders on Breeze Hill. But we could see the feeders relatively well. There were no birds there. Hmm. Except for one on the large hanging feeder. I focused. It was a sharpie, a sharp-shinned hawk. It was waiting for some unwary bird to show up for the free food. There were no takers. No fools they. A little later, we came across a mess of robins, a Carolina wren, and, surprisingly, a winter wren, a tiny thing, that worked the ground right in front of us.

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