Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend update

D'oh! I've been called for jury duty. Civil Court: a bunch of wankers suing each other! Must report on St. Valentine's Massacre Day, too.

Saw my first ruby-crowned kinglet of the year, in Prospect Park, which I managed to run into both days this weekend. This is quite early in the season, but it was a definite kinglet. They will get quite close to us. Less sure about the sighting of a Carolina wren. Probably, but not 100%. Three woodpeckers species: red-bellied, downy, and yellow-bellied sapsucker. The starlings are already mobbing the red-bellied as they plot to take over their nests. (There are geopolitical parallels I could use here...) Also, usual for this time of year: red-tailed hawk, crow, blue jay, fox sparrow, white-throated sparrow, house sparrow, mourning dove, and that gem of grey winter, the northern cardinal. The fox sparrows and more numerous white-throated sparrows toss up dead leaves on the ground, rootling about for yummy things (I mean, if you're a sparrow). They move in posses. It sounds like rain hitting the leaves.

Saturday night to BAM for Persepolis. As was the case with the book, I liked the early part best, when she's pre-adolescent. The teen angst and depression... well, less so. Dig the graphic style, though. Afterwards dinner at Chez Oscar on Dekalb, where our table was too close to the bar. Enormous Parka Man kept threaten to overrun our table with the backend of his downy filler. Later there was a handbag practically resting on the edge of the table, and I was tempted to drop in one of my spent mussel shells. Hours later, rooting around in there like a fox sparrow in the leaves, she would find it and say "what the hell is this doing here."

The cat that looks like a border collie slept on my head again.

Found volumes 3,4,& 5 of diary of Virginia Woolf on a stoop.

Ran in C on Union Street this later afternoon. She was out and about as she often is, being a gal about town. She was feeling low so I bought her home for dinner of risotto with almost everything in it. My risotto is like chicken soup for the soul. O, wait, damn, that line's already taken...

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